Finally, the Sinfony Doc&Training simplification
methods at your fingertips !

Learn – Apply – Impact

  • Your skills • Increased tenfold
  • Your teams • reassured
  • Your Doc&Training • transformed

Do you know where to start your digital transformation towards a simplified Doc&Training system ?

  • Want to delete the 50-page procedures that Michel doesn't read, but you don't have a method?
  • Have you ever tried to use video for your procedures, but does it seem technically complicated ?
  • You aim to transform the site where the company, and you do not know where to start ?
  • Do you want to quickly create a group of people trained in effective Doc&Training simplification methods  ?
  • Industry 4.0 dream sellers parade in your office and you wonder about the interest of these technologies ?
  • You do not have the means to pay for a complete accompaniment but want to access our methods?

3 simple steps to form a dream team at home ready to take on your Doc&Training simplification challenge

Train your teams in sinfony methods  (in interlabo group)

To quickly acquire the theoretical knowledge of our methods and benchmark

Certify your employees to the Sinfony method

So that each employee acquires the practical side of our methods

Manage your transformation project independently

So that together, we impact as quickly as possible as much Michel as possible, at a lower cost

Sinfony's methods should be accessible to all, for the good of all Michel(e)

Sinfony's Doc&Training Academy is here to spread Sinfony's methods on a large scale, on a lower budget for customers



How much does it cost training people one by one, as you would naturally do in your project?

  • This leads to an isolation of people already trained, who speak their verbiage, and are in their world of Doc& Training simplify. They are therefore less effective in their interactions
  • This consumes trainer time that must increase the competence of each person a few days or weeks apart.
  • Each trained person discovers the pitfalls one by one, without benefiting from shared experiences
  • There is no team spirit in the face of difficulties.

Sinfony's Doc&Training training academy trains "Doc&training change agents", in a group, interlabo, to accelerate the skills development of your teams in charge of simplification

  • Training up to 20 people, different labs and profiles for more wealth
  • Blended learning training, face-to-face, but with multiple content
  • Digital training content accessible for unlimited duration in our LMS during and after the training
Poignée de main
  • A training that takes the entire Process of Sinfony's Doc&Training transformation  from A to Z
  • Concrete training, with practical manipulations alternated with theoretical teachings, and live quizzes
  • Comprehensive coaching and certification options that can be activated following the theoretical training
  • Teams swollen to the brim, ready to actively transform your system as soon as the training is completed


  • To those responsible for the documentation and training systems of companies whose ambition is to lighten the system
  • Quality Directors who want to infuse innovation into their teams
  • Small business managers who do not want or have the means to afford the services of a consulting firm, but who still want to develop their business in the service of Michel(e)
  • Digital or high-impact transformation program managers (construction of a new factory, establishment in a new country, change of ERP, etc.)

You are one of these profiles, so give 2 or more of your employees access to our methods so that as soon as the training ends, they work to simplify Michel's life.

What are the programs of the Doc&Training Academy and what are the rates?

tarif Doc&training center
  • For more details on each of the Modules, click here (link to annex) 
    * The price of a training ordered for 2 people outside a transformation project will be reimbursed in case of order from Sinfony for assistance for a complete transformation project of an amount greater than 400k € HTVA.

Concretely, what are the next dates and how does it work?



We plan to do a training session every two to three months. You can contact us to find out when the next dates will be, as they also depend on the transformation projects we have, and for which the training is open to all project collaborators.

Packs start on Monday at 1pm and end on Friday at 1pm.

The training is given exclusively by a certified trainer in Sinfony methods.

In France, training is eligible for training aid (consult us if necessary).

Although we do not recommend it, the days of the pack are separable, and a participant can register for a single day if he wishes, by paying the appropriate rate.

The location of the training depends on the location of the majority of participants. We try to find the easiest place to access for all participants.

Lunch is the responsibility of Sinfony. Evening meals and overnight stays and breakfasts at the expense of the participants.

Participants must come with a laptop with access to their company's document system; they will be provided with access to our online training platform prior to the training.

The video material used during the training is provided by Sinfony.


Can I have multi-person training in my lab?

Yes; you lose the interest of the multilabo, and then we have to adapt the price; let's discuss it !

Can I adapt the program to my needs ?

Yes; we need to discuss with you the impact on the structure of the training, as this can have the effect of lengthening the training by one or more days. Let's discuss it !

How many people can attend the training sessions?

We want to have a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 25 people in these trainings.

In which language is the training given?

In French and English. Coming soon in Arabic. But each session is unilingual.

What is the purpose of coaching and certification?

Coaching serves to ensure that your teams will take action after the theoretical training and therefore that you will have your return on investment. Procrastination should be avoided.

... enhance the value of your employees


Certification serves to enhance the value of your employees, and guarantee the achievement of a concrete result on a given perimeter. The certification is proof that your employee has mastered the methods from A to Z, that he has had results in the field, and that he is able in turn to train other people on our methods. This certification belongs to him in his personal capacity.