This is what Michel(e), your newcomer, must read and do in 3 weeks to become operational at their workstation within 6 months. Not to mention that the procedures are incomprehensible and your classroom training, soporific and expensive.


Despite this colossal amount of documentation and training that costs you up to 20% of your payroll, Michel(e) still makes too many mistakes.

Is Michel(e) incapable of learning? No, your archaic documentation system and training is the cause of this problem.

You have already tried to simplify it, but without success.

How do you get the results that others have already had?

- 80 %

of SOP and work instructions

- 50 %

training overall

- 80 %

load in training courses

- 80 %

classroom training time for Michel(le)

All without an army of IT developers to develop industrial 4.0 solutions, which can be of interest, but inapplicable to your everyday, profitable products, the oldest of which, manufactured in depreciated factories.

Sinfony helps companies like yours remove 50-page procedures that no one reads and Power Point training that no one understands.

If this sentence brought a smile to your face, you need us.


Are we consultants? Revolutionaries? Disrupters? Gentle utopian dreamers? Geeks? Trainers? Videographer? Authors of SOPs and work instructions? Doc & Training organizational transformers? Digital training publishers?

Maybe a bit of everything. We don't really know, and who cares?!

The important thing is that we decided to tackle your problem:  "Remove 50-page procedures that no one reads, and Power Point training that no one understands."

We have divided this mission of profession of faith in the glory of Michel(e) the operator in two :

Simplify your documentation and training systems without risking your certifications:

  1. Reduce the number of SOPs by 80%
  2. Reduce training times by 50%
  3. Remove deviations from doc and training
  4. Switch to a video quality manual

Make your mandatory non-competitive sector training effective and relevant.

Our first catalogue training is the pharmaceutical industry GMP training.

Train Michel(e) in 30 minutes instead of 3 hours, whilst giving them content that speaks makes sense to them.


Initially based in Luxembourg,
Sinfony has subsidiaries in France and Belgium. Sinfony  
operates in Europe, North America, and Asia. Sinfony has a strong specialization in LifeSciences and is branching out into banking, energy and transport.

Created in 2017, Sinfony is growing rapidly : From 4 employees in 2019 to 10 in 2020 then 25 in 2021...

And strategic partnerships :

Sinfony, c'est LE spécialiste de la simplification de la documentation et de la formation.

Being "Michel(e) centric"...

We are deeply committed to reducing the cognitive load on Michel(e):

  1. Get them to learn less but better,
  2. Less SOP, less training,
  3.  More right-first-time.

The documentation structure, the training programs, the content, the words used, everything is done for Michel(e) and their well-being on the job.

For us, Michel comes first, the inspector second, and for you?

Work transversally and unite

We are ardent promoters of business process management.

But not just any. Not the type with ISO definitions, or BPMN, no.

Our definition of Business Process Management is focused on:

  1. Collaboration between departments
  2. Deliverables for the common benefit of the company, not a department.

This approach accentuates the focus on Michel(e), and breaks down the traditional silos between prod, QA, EHS, Operational Excellence.

Be digital and agile

We think, live and do digital: digital procedures, video instructions, blended learning training, mixing video and face-to-face micro-learning.

But not just any digital!

At Sinfony, there are no little robots running around, no virtual reality development with offshore developers.

With Sinfony, you master your digital methods internally, because we use tools that you already have or that you can buy on the high street.


Join our community and you can also remove the 50-page procedures that no one reads and the PPT trainings that no one understands!

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Connect with Olivier

« Delete the texts that no one reads and the PowerPoint trainings that no one understands."

This mission is the result of the observation that Olivier Depardieu made after his 20 years of management and performance consulting in the world of life sciences.

Over more than 300 consulting missions, projects in over 100 manufacturing sites with corporations and operators. Across Europe, but also in the United States, Canada, China. Olivier has touched almost every process in a life sciences company.

But how many suffering Michel(e)’s was Olivier able to meet? And how many managers are prisoners of their company's doc and training systems? Hundreds, thousands...

So in 2017, when Olivier started Sinfony, it was to help Michel(e), and their managers. The adventure had begun.

Mais combien de Michel(e) en souffrance Olivier a-t-il pu rencontrer ? Et combien de managers prisonniers des systèmes doc et training de leur entreprise ? Des centaines, des milliers… 

Alors en 2017, quand Olivier se lance, ce sera pour aider Michel(e), et ses managers. L’aventure est lancée.

In 2018, Guillaume Rocca, who had enjoyed several successes with Olivier in previous collaborations, joined the Sinfony project.
Guillaume with his background of more than 20 years in the world of sales and consulting in computer science and engineering, decided to successfully take charge of the business development of Sinfony.

He became a partner of Sinfony in 2021.

Connect with Guillaume

Connect with Elimane

Also in 2018, Elimane, then 26 years old, met Olivier completely by chance. They immediately got along.

Elimane strongly believed in the Sinfony project, which was still in its infancy. The first successes, the first difficulties, new successes, the evolution of the methods.

Elimane participates in all activities with the company.

Senior consultant on Sinfony's unique methods, he joined Sinfony's group of associates in mid-2021.

In 2020, Wael Bouaziz, who had worked successfully with Olivier in the 2010s, joined the challenging world of documentary simplification. His first project: to transform a company of 50,000 people by supporting 12 sites around the world.

Wael also took on the role of Director of Operations and became a partner in mid-2021.

Connect with Wael

Meet the Sinfony team – varied and complimentary,
a complete range of talents

Support, sales and management (Belgium)

Sophie sinfony

RH (Grenoble, France)

Traffic Acquisition Manager (Madagascar)

Marketing Assistance
 (New Caledonia)

Chloée Pharmacist consultant (France)

Development Training Consultant (France)

Consultant at Sinfony

Laura Sinfony

Senior Consultant at Sinfony

Ludovic Sinfony

Senior Consultant at Sinfony

Marina Sinfony

Junior Consultant at Sinfony

Megane Pons Sinfony

Junior Consultant at Sinfony

VOUS (Votre nom/Prénom)
Votre rôle chez Sinfony
Le pays où l'on pourrait vous croiser


Logo Sinfony

The logo evokes the link between a brain and a hand.

And that's the whole ambition of Sinfony that we aim to represent in the logo; develop the shortest path between:

  1. The brain of the person who has an idea or an instruction to communicate,
  2. And the hand of the person who will receive this instruction and apply it.
  3. In the most straight and direct line possible.

We highlight the word "info" to clearly shows that we work with information

The word Sinfony is evocative of the symphony because we orchestrate the documentary and training systems.

Finally, the base line "from brain to hands", explains the message for people who may be less visual."


Control of our customer’s budget, the orientation on the deliverable as the time spent to do it ... the fixed price commitment is ingrained in Sinfony's genes.

We are disruptive, the risk must be on our side, not yours.

We are confident in our methods and on all pilot phases, it is customary for us to commit to the package.

Subsequently, during the deployment phases, we strive to work in batches, and where possible, give flat rates for the batches. Sometimes this is not possible, because you yourself have a very fragmented vision of the impact or difficulty of documentary transformation. So in this case we work on a cost plus basis.

Project management is generally the responsibility of our customers, because it is the management method that promotes the best internal appropriation of our methods. It also best reflects the commitments of the members of the Management.

However, if there is a lack of project management in your teams, we can take on this role.

Even though we are still working on Michel(e)'s environment and all our projects seem, by far, to be the same, your project is unique and different. That's because your internal standards are different, your culture is different and the people who make up your teams are different.

So, the best way to understand your transformation or digitalization project is still to contact us for a discussion.

Make an appointment with Guillaume Rocca !